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Speaker 1: Now to growing allegations against Bill Cosby, a new accuser has come forward saying Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her.

Speaker 2: Yes, the Florida woman is now the fourth to accuse the comedian this month. Therese Serignese says the incident dates back to 1976. Cosby has not been criminally charged for any of the allegations. Earlier this week, former Montgomery D.A, Bruce Castor told NBC10’s Harry Hairston, he believes something criminal may have happened at Cosby’s home back in 2004, a former Temple employee one year later saying Cosby drugged her and then sexually assaulted her. Castor says that the delay meant he was unable to quickly collect a DNA and execute search warrants so he decided to drop the case. Legal expert Enrique Latoison joins us now, Enrique, always good to see you. Question now for you though, speaking about what we just were, what do you think about the idea that because the alleged victim came forward about two years later, the criminal charges couldn’t be brought against Cosby?

Speaker 3: I do not agree with this idea. I think it is setting a bad message to women, victims of sexual assault. It is basically saying for whatever reason you waited to come forward and now there is no physical evidence because it is two years later, the D.A says that he found her to be credible. I think there could have been more done in this case or could have been other investigations that could have been done, there could have been other things that could have been done. This sets a very bad example of allowing women to be sexually assaulted and for whatever reason, waiting to come forward then using that as a reason to say, no charges can be brought.

Speaker 1: I know every case is different, how often do you see sex crime cases prosecuted years after the crime was allegedly committed and how damaging is it when so many others are coming forward including Janice Dickinson although that was 32 years ago back in 1982.

Speaker 3: It happens all the time. You look at the newspaper, you watch the news, you see that there are sex cases brought up all the time, the priest, different cases that have been done, just because time has went by, it’s up to the jury to decide the credibility of the witnesses and the evidence that’s presented. That’s what the justice system is and to just say just because time went by, therefore those charges can’t be brought is setting a very bad example and is setting a very message to people who are victims of sexual assault and is putting them in a position to not bring these allegations , if they’re allegations and or bring any of these things forward just because time has went by.

Speaker 2: And speaking of time Enrique, would Bill Cosby would be better off in your opinion being charged years ago when that first allegation was made?

Speaker 3: I think he would have been. I mean right now you have a situation where this is playing out in the public. As a defence attorney, he has not had the ability to defend themselves in the court of law. To see the evidence, the public has not been able to see the evidence so what you have is one side. You have someone who was not charged at all but now these alleged victims are coming forward in the media and it’s playing out in the media. Now his shows have been cancelled, he is being publicly shamed and in the end he might have been better off having just been charged and being allowed to defend himself and we would be able to see if this was a strong case or a weak case, was there other motives that were involved here but in the end now is that he wasn’t charged and now this is playing out in the public and it’s going to be up to the court of public opinion.

Speaker 1: Alright, a lot of developments just in the last couple of days, we will continue to watch it, Enrique Latoison thank you for joining us and giving us your insight.

Speaker 3: Thank you.

Speaker 4: I think if you want to consider yourself to be serious, that it will not appear anywhere…

Speaker 1: Bill Cosby right there, responding to a question about the sexual assault allegations coming up at 6. How he tried to keep this video from ever seeing the light of day.

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