The Latoison Law College Assist Scholarship

Dear Scholarship Contributor,

For a very long time, I have wanted to create a college scholarship to help those in financial need, to try and ensure that they successfully complete college. This is the first time I have ever done something like this or asked anyone for money to contribute to a cause.

This scholarship is meant to be different. It is specifically meant to help students with financial need successfully complete college. Getting into college is an achievement, however, finishing college can be very difficult when factoring in all of the outside issues that come into play when a person is struggling financially. I want to try and help take some of that stress away so that the student can focus on their studies.

A little about my past so you can understand why this scholarship is so important to me. I graduated high school at the age of 18. I immediately had to focus on work rather than school in order pay bills and to be able to survive. I was living in Chester, where I grew up, and just didn’t have the money to be able to go to college. Further, college also wasn’t a priority, since being able to have the basics and pay bills was my main focus. I worked throughout high school, and when I graduated, thought I just had more time to work more hours and make more money for bills.

Over the 5 years after I graduated from high school, I would try to slip in a semester of college here and there whenever I thought I could afford it and had the time. Inevitably, having to work would pull me from my studies and put me in a position where I was either dropping out mid-semester or withdrawing completely for periods of time. I was always saying I’ll go back to school as soon as I have enough money.

I was fortunate enough to have made it back to college, graduated, and followed my career goals. This scholarship is going to be designed to help students finish school like I finally did.

I recently went to an event where scholarships were being given out to various students who met certain financial need and grade requirements. It was a very nice event and I was extremely impressed by the students who were on their way to college. When I inquired about what happens from here and how prior student recipients over the years had fared, no one knew. No one actually knew if these happy, excited students actually went on to finish school, to make it to the finish line. This is where this scholarship comes into play.


A scholarship of $1600 a semester to be given out as $100 a week throughout the semester. The scholarship is meant to help put students in a position where they can concentrate on their studies by giving some extra money each week in the hopes that they can work less hours and focus on school.


To continue to receive the weekly scholarship, the recipient student will have to prove halfway through the semester that they are still enrolled. They also will be required to show proof of grades and GPA at the end of each semester. If that student maintains at least a B average, the student will continue to receive the scholarship the following semester. The same applies in the second semester and so on.


You can help by sponsoring at least 1 week at $100. Each sponsor will have their name read and recognized at the event where the scholarship will be presented. Your name will also be added to my website, under the scholarship tab. The student will know every week when they receive that $100 who sponsored it.


Now would be the time to donate the $100. Feel free to donate more to sponsor more weeks if you would like. When in life can you say you have had the opportunity to actually sponsor a student throughout their college, and actually know they continued to do well? When can you say to yourself, you helped a student get through school and graduate college? The first $100 will not be given out until sometime in August or September, when that student has started college.


Payments can me made via credit card through my office at 610.999.1439 over the phone, or online at our fundraiser page here: You can also mail a check to Latoison Law, PO BOX 131, Media, PA 19063. Please be sure to tell me how you want your NAME or YOUR BUSINESS NAME to appear on the weekly sponsorship and any announcements!

Thank you very much for your participation.
My office will be giving the first $1600 to get through the first semester. I hope with your support, the scholarship will grow, can continue on, and to be given to at least 2 to 4 students a year. I will have to raise $3200 a year per student. For now, I’m starting with 1 student.

Any scholarship contributor will receive mid-semester updates and end of the semester updates on the progress of the student. I’m looking forward to being able to contribute to helping someone finish college.

Enrique Latoison Esq.