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If I ever needed to hire a lawyer again…Enrique would be the one. Very knowledgeable, professional and caring.

When You Need a Media Criminal Defense Attorney

Having an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney represent you in court can mean the difference between jail and freedom. Criminal attorneys not only defend individuals charged with misdemeanor crimes or felonies in federal, state and appellate courts but also handle plea bargains, bail bond hearings, probation or bond (revocation) hearings and appeals.

What a Media Criminal Defense Attorney Can Do For You

Media criminal defense attorneys working at the Law Offices of Enrique Latoison in Media, PA are committed to providing clients with the following services:

  • Thoroughly investigating cases by interviewing all pertinent witnesses and researching case law, procedural law, crime codes and statues correlating to a client’s specific case
  • Building a strong defense, developing a cogent strategy and fighting for the rights and integrity of the client
  • When necessary, successfully negotiating with the prosecution to agree on a plea bargain that supports significantly reduced charges
  • Filing, drafting and arguing motions meant to help a defendant win their case by suppressing evidence or dismissing the case altogether
  • Drafting, filing and arguing appeals

Charges Defended by a Media Criminal Defense Attorney

While civil law deals with disputes between individuals, criminal law deals with people who have committed crimes against the state, government and society in general. Common criminal charges that require the assistance of a Media criminal defense attorney include:

Why Hire a Media Criminal Defense Attorney?

Complicated and constantly changing, the field of criminal law requires years of intense study and training to understand how to use its procedures and rules to your advantage. The criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Enrique Latoison remain informed of the latest criminal law modification and can immediately recognize and resolve your legal issues by incorporating these updated criminal laws.

As a defendant in a criminal case, your stress levels may interfere with your ability to manage litigation in a rational and professional manner. Having a Media criminal defense attorney submitting documentation on time, creating a solid defense strategy, discussing the potential for a plea deal with the prosecuting attorney and empathizing with your situation will relieve much of the worry and unease you feel about your upcoming legal issues.

Contact the Law Offices of Enrique Latoison in Media, PA

Winner of many industry awards and frequently asked by NBC and other national news stations to comment on recent events involving criminal law, Enrique Latoison is Delaware County’s most sought after criminal defense attorney. Mr. Latoison, along with his savvy team of equally effective defense lawyers, provide superior representation in court for anyone who simply made the wrong choice and deserves a second chance.

Don’t depend on overworked public defenders or yourself to receive the best outcome of a criminal court case. Call the Law Offices of Enrique Latoison in Media, PA today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having an experienced, accomplished criminal defense attorney fighting for your freedom in court.

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