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license restoration servicesAll problems related to license suspension are solved under one roof. People face lots of issues with traffic ticketing, traffic accident judgments and Occupational Limited License (OLL) applications. We are experts in rectifying problems with your suspended license.

How to restore your suspended PA license

Are you suffering from a restricted or suspended license? There are many ways through which our license restoration PA attorneys can help you get your suspended license reinstated. We need to assess your condition and start the process so that you qualify for a legal license.

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Am I eligible for a work only license?

It is awarded to people in Pennsylvania who have suspended drivers license, but they need to travel to work, school and hospitals. There are special set of rules that allow users to get the occupational limited license.

  1. You are working and need to drive to the work place.

  2. Medical treatment is inevitable for the individuals.

  3. It is important to travel to college and schools

Although there are numerous reasons, it is a challenge to get an OLL. Our firm works tirelessly and effortlessly to make the whole process a breeze for people.

Reasons for the suspension of License and awarding of OLL:

A person will obtain OLL if the license was suspended due to several issues. They are as follows.

  1. A citation of the rule that was unpaid by the driver

  2. Judgment in the court of law which remained unpaid

  3. If a person was not able to appear in special point examination

  4. A departmental hearing was skipped due to various reasons.

  5. Individuals who are offenders of breaking the traffic rules once or twice are qualified for OLL however they need to serve the 60 days of license suspension period.

  6. People who are driving the vehicle under influence of alcohol are eligible for the first time to get OLL.

  7. A person should satisfy all the suspension requirements and have served 12 months of the 18 months.  In addition restoration requirements should be followed by the individual.

  8. You should be eligible for a driver’s license which is non commercial.

  9. One should pay the old ticket in time or else new suspension will be added to the driver’s license.


Other ways to get your license back

A majority of Pennsylvania drivers are not aware of their rights if their license is suspended.  We can help in figuring out how to get you driving legally as quickly as possible, through an OLL or otherwise.  The following are some other ways we can get your license restored for you.

  1. People can appeal against conviction even if it occurred long time ago. Late appeals are quite effective because they help to remove all the suspensions from the driving record.

  2. Department of transportation plays a very important role in reviewing the suspension of the licenses in Pennsylvania.  Administrative hearings are conducted to accomplish the task and they also provide credit time to the users.  With the help of above process it is possible to restore your driving license but it should be handled in an effective manner.

  3. Drivers who are out of state have found out that their licenses are being suspended because of the presence of old tickets in Pennsylvania.  National driver registry notations contain inform about the tickets being given to the drivers. We provide impeccable consultation to restore the license of out of the state drivers in Pennsylvania. Although the process is complex, our experts are quite capable of achieving the objectives.

  4. Senior citizens might witness recall of their driving license owing to some medical conditions. It might happen that recall would have been issued to you based on the report of the doctor. Appeal can be made in the court of law and the suspension could be revoked.

  5. There are issues where a person cannot get the License in a different state because of the suspension in Pennsylvania many years ago. We have handled the case through the experts and got the suspension overturned. The person didn’t need to visit PA and whole job was a complete breeze.

  6. Majority of people who get their licenses suspended cannot drive but they need to go to work, travel to college and complete other miscellaneous tasks.  There are different processes of hearing, credit and corrections using which it is possible to expunge the suspension.

Some issues regarding ignition interlock:

Ignition Interlock is required for some people suspended pursuant to a DUI conviction.  All vehicles should have an improved interlock system installed on the vehicle before the driver can apply for a license.


  1. Ignition interlock is a device that does not allow individuals from starting the vehicle if they are drunk.  The driver has to blow air into the device before handling the car. It acts as a safety valve and prevents people from getting tickets.

  2. Prior to installation of the gadget, a person has to receive an application form.  PennDOT will email the restoration letter along with interlock ignition form. It is the duty of the individual to complete the application and send to the concerned organization.

  3. If a person has experienced more than one DUI violations, it is time to contact the ignition interlock installation center.  The DL-21 SC form should be completed whether or not you own a vehicle.

  4. Once the device has been installed, information will be automatically sent to the administrative authority.  Persons who need to drive a vehicle for employment should complete the form called DL-3805. This affidavit plays a crucial role in allowing such persons to drive an employment vehicle which doesn’t have ignition interlock.

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