Privacy Policy

The following is our privacy policy, as is required by law regarding how information is collected and how it is used. It also outlines how we protect your information, in the light of federal legislation and what choices you have with respect to personal or protected information.


We collect information about our users in an effort to improve our website and service to you, to obtain valuable information about our customers, and to provide you with a unique customized internet experience while on our website. We do not share any of the information you provide with any third parties, unless otherwise stated in this Privacy Policy, or when it is required by law.


We may obtain information on your web usage in order to improve our services to you by the way of browser cookies, forms or surveys you fill out, or from information you willingly supply to us. Whenever we ask you to complete a form on our website, we may require an email address, so that we may provide you with information in the form of a regular newsletter, email or other information. You will always have a way to “opt out” of such services if you so choose, as required by law. If you provide any other information about yourself, such as your physical address, phone number, name, and other identifiable information, we will only use this for the purpose of communications which we may send to you from time to time.


The web server database sometimes captures information which tracks your visit along with a record of your activities on our site pages. This information is stored securely and automatically via our web crawlers. Examples of the types of information obtained using this method may include:

  • the type of browser you are using on the site
  • date and time of your visit
  • number of times accessed
  • city, county, and state/country from which you access our website
  • your IP address
  • the trackback link (site you came from previous to landing on our site)
  • number of links clicked
  • amount of time on page
  • The pages you visited and how long
  • information on specific searches
  • your unique Internet protocol address;
  • your ISP name

The above information helps us analyze the amount of time you spent on our site, as well as the specific pages and exit links, which provide valuable information on how we might improve what we do. In addition, it protects the integrity of our website and ensures that only people who can be identified and trusted are using our website for the purposes for which it is intended.


Cookies are temporary files which are stores on our server to track information about your shopping and search habits. This information allows us to provide you with a more customized user experience the next time you visit and keeps you from having to locate information you already accessed, s hould you want to find it again. It may be tied in with custom sales, which suggests possible recommendations you might be interested in, based on your online habits.

Note that you do have a choice not to accept cookies. But if you choose not to accept them, there may be portions of our website you may not be able to access.


The personal information you provide us with is protected, under such federal legislation as the HIPAA agreement, and consumer protection legislation. However, we cannot guaranteed that unauthorized persons will not find away around our security. We make every every though to be as vigilant as possible in thwarting such attempts and protecting the personal information of our valued customers.


We promise not to sell, rent, or lease data about you to others, and we will not make your information available to others, except under the following conditions as required by law:

  • as required by law enforcement or public safety policy
  • As needed in connection of business assets in a transfer
  • to protect our rights and property in any legal dispute or issue
  • to agents and/or officials who must use it on our behalf


You have the right to “opt out” of any future contacts from us at any time you see fit. To do so, simply contact us at the phone number provided or on the contact form on our website.

You may change any data we have about you, ask us to delete data, or opt out of emails and other forms of communication from us in this way and at any time.


We do the best we can to provide the best possible experience to our visitors and customers by strictly following the rules and regulations set forth by national, state, and local laws, while providing the best, most efficient web experience for all. If you have any questions on our privacy policy or how we use your information at any time, contact us.