What are the different theft offenses?

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Misdemeanor & Felony Retail Theft:

Pleading guilty or being convicted of misdemeanor or felony theft carries with it serious consequences. In addition to restitution and fines, you face up to 3 years in prison for a second degree misdemeanor, up to 5 years in prison for a first degree misdemeanor, and up to 7 years in prison for a third degree felony. A misdemeanor or felony retail theft conviction also results in having a criminal record for the rest of your life which can be easily seen by employers, educational institutions, landlords and the like.



First Offense Value less than $150 Summary Offense
Second Offense Value less than $150 Misdemeanor of Second Degree
First or Second Offense Value greater than $150 Misdemeanor of First Degree
Third or subsequent offense Value inapplicable Felony of Third Degree
Any offense Value exceeds $2,000, or involves motor vehicle or involves firearm Felony of Third Degree



In Pennsylvania, a person is guilty of robbery if, in the course of committing a theft, he or she:


1. inflicts serious bodily injury upon another (first degree felony);

2. threatens another with or intentionally puts him in fear of immediate serious bodily injury (first degree felony);

3. commits or threatens immediately to commit any felony of the first or second degree (first degree felony);

4. inflicts bodily injury upon another or threatens another with or intentionally puts him in fear of immediate bodily injury (second degree felony); or

5. physically takes or removes property from the person of another by force however slight (third degree felony)

NOTE: In order to be found guilty of robbery in Pennsylvania, the District Attorney must prove all the elements of theft (see above) OR that you simply attempted to commit a theft.

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