Not Guilty on all charges

Writen by: on October 29, 2017


Keith Jones: New at 5 o’clock, a jury found a woman not guilty today of smuggling cocaine into Philadelphia International Airport. Her lawyer says she was just tricked while on vacation.

Erin Coleman: NBC 10’s Jacqueline London joins us now live to tell us what happened. Jacqueline.

Jacqueline London: Erin, the woman was arrested back in May at the airport. She was returning from a trip from Jamaica to Philadelphia International when federal agents stopped her. They say they found $300,000 worth of cocaine in coco cans. But the woman’s lawyer told the jury she just went to Jamaica for a vacation and had a romantic relationship with a man there. Later that man asked her to bring spices to his grandmother. She had no idea they contained the drugs. Her lawyer said it was obvious because of the way she spoke to police.

Enrique Latoison: When you see a police car pull up behind you, most people get nervous. When those lights come on, you really get nervous. So in this particular case, here was a woman that was stopped at the airport with 10 pounds of cocaine and yet she was cooperative with the Homeland Security agent. She was cooperative with the Border Patrol. At no point did you see any kind of nervousness or any kind of temper or nastiness or anything. She was cooperative throughout the entire process.

Jacqueline London: The trial lasted four days before the jury reached the “not guilty” verdict this morning. Jacqueline London, NBC 10 News.

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