Norristown Criminal defense Attorney Enrique Latoison Discussing the Meek Mill case, NBC 10, 11/28/2017

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back here at home now back to the Meekb Mill case if you just joined us today a judge denied his lawyer’s appeal to get him out of jail on bond there’s been a public outcry from those who say this punishment is just too severe and joining us now is NBC legal expert Enrique Latoison and Enrique thanks for being here state court didn’t make a decision today but it told a lower court to make one what does this mean for Meek Mill side

well I think it’s actually good for their side so what they did was this ruling originally came down around November so they had days to appeal to a Superior Court so what they did was they appealed it directly to Superior Court he asked the pre reporter to give Meek Mill bail pending the reconsideration and the appeals they put in they’ve asked him let him out on bail why he’s able to fight this and let this appeal process go through now what Superior Court said what listen it’s too early for us to make a decision they remanded it back to the lower court and are asking the lower court to make a decision and the reason why this is good for meek Millz team because this will be the first chance for them to see how that judge in the lower court is thinking about that reconsideration whether or not that judge is going to maybe change that sentence or give him a new opportunity

yeah that hasn’t happened yet and in the meantime, we’ve seen high-profile people taking up meek Millz case yesterday civil rights activist al Sharpton he visited Meek
Mill in prison just one of several high-profile people, in fact, voicing their opinions, in this case, do you think that’s ways a judge in any way to change his or her mind

well listen as a defense attorney I will tell you that I’ve seen situations where you put in a reconsideration and a judge changes their mind that judge might have been angry on that day and passed that sentence they have a right to put in that reconsideration now where all this public outcry and the protesting or all these different things these are things that could sway this judge this could make the judge reconsider that to year sentence and I do think it’s helpful any kind of outcry like that and public opinion is helpful and maybe having that judge reconsider that to year sentence

Enrique Latoison and thanks for your insights as always appreciate it

thank you

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