Media Attorney Enrique Latoison: Bruce Castor Testimony Analysis NBC10 News 2/2/2016

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Female News Anchor: And while we continue to look at live pictures of Billy Cosby as he’s leaving that Montgomery County court Norristown, there are also new developments in a civil case against Billy Cosby, this out of California. Today a judge ordered Bill Cosby to attend a second deposition in a lawsuit filed by Judy Huth. She’s the one who claimed that Cosby sexually assaulted her at the Playboy Mansion back in the 1970s when she was 15 years old and Cosby’s lawyers have denied her accusations and of course Cosby has only been charged, criminally charged in this particular case in Montgomery County where he was today and we will see him back tomorrow.


Male News Anchor: And Bruce Castor telling us Rosemary back in November of 2014 a different standard if you’re talking about a civil case versus a potential criminal prosecution. He said, “I may have thought that he did something inappropriate but thinking it and proving it in court, those are two different things.”


Rosemary Connors: That’s right. He said he had a theory of what happened but he really didn’t have any proof specifically. He said there wasn’t any physical evidence. That at the time Andrea Constand came forward about a year after the alleged incident occurred, that they couldn’t test her hair for any traces of drugs that she claims Bill Cosby gave her during that alleged assault.


Female News Anchor: Rosemary Connor is live in Montgomery County. I’m wondering now if we can go to – we have our legal analyst Enrique Latoison. I don’t know if he’s available right now to talk to us. But Enrique, maybe you can give us some perspective. Today was a very surprising day you said earlier in terms of what Castor had to say.


Enrique Latoison: Yes, I did find it surprising. I mean in order for Mr. Castor to justify what he did and to explain it to the public and explain it to the judge, he basically had to smear the accuser in this case. He had to talk about her wire tapping, her waiting a year, her having to seek out a civil attorney ahead of time and by explaining all those things, Castor was basically explaining to the court this is why I did what I did. He also went on to say this is common. This is something that he did when he was in charge at that time.


Remember this is the district attorney. This isn’t someone who was working underneath him or an assistant. This was the district attorney at the time. This is the way he did business. This is the way he handled cases in that situation during that time when he was in office. Then that is what should go forward and that is the way it should be accepted within the court and I don’t believe that you should be able now to go back on that.


Male News Anchor: All right. Enrique Latoison, thanks for weighing in here and of course we are still waiting to hear what the judge will decide in all of this. He has asked everyone to come back tomorrow as we continue to watch these live pictures from Skyforce 10 as Bill Cosby departs the court house in Norristown today.

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