Judge revokes Meek Mill’s bail watch live commentary with Enrique Latoison NBC10 12/4/2017

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Today a Philadelphia judge shut down rapper Meek Mill’s bail request he’s been fighting to get out of prison since he was sentenced to two to four years last month legal analyst Enrique Latoison joining us now. Enrique thanks for being here. the judge goes into specifics even notes that Meek Mill may have cheated on drug tests in the past seems to make a strong case for denying bail what do you make of this

Well Superior Court said last week that the judge needs to make a decision and to justify the reasons for that decision so what the judge did wrote a seven-page opinion with many many exhibits attached and in that opinion the judge talks about all the various different reasons and all the different things that took place since she’s been on probation going back from the very beginning so what this judge did was he talked about everything everything that was a warning everything that occurred things that occurred stuff that incurred involved in his drug tests and things of that nature and what the judge did was carefully laid out all the reasons to justify her reason for denying bail in this case

So meek Mill’s lawyers they’re gonna continue to fight for his release what are their options though at this point

Well at this point now she has made a decision they can now appeal to Superior court when they appealed in Superior Court to begin with they said it was too soon the lower judge hadn’t made a decision so now the decision has been made they still retain all those appeal rights now they have to show there was an abuse of discretion so I think the judge, in this case, was very careful to list all her reasons for why she did deny bail and it’s going to be hard for Superior Court to say that those reasons are an abuse of her discretion as a judge to deny bail in this particular case

We’ll see where this goes from here NBC10 legal analyst Enrique Latosion thanks for your insight.

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