Cosby Case Commentary: Media Attorney Enrique Latoison on Castor’s testimony NBC10 2/2/2016

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Video Transcript

Jim Rosenfield: A lot going on in that courtroom today and to help us understand what’s happening there, we wanted to bring in our legal expert Enrique Latoison. Enrique, thanks for joining us.


Jacqueline London: Enrique, we heard Castor say there’s a big difference between what he believes and what he thinks can be proven in court. Was there anything about Castor’s testimony today that surprised you?


Enrique Latoison: Actually I was shocked. I said, “Wow!” In order for Castor to show the reasons for what he did what he did, he basically had to smear the accuser. Information came out about wire taps, about her contact to getting a civil attorney, about her waiting a long time to come forward which was already known.


So in order to justify what he did, he had to take the position to smear her, to make the accuser look bad, to basically say this is the reason why I did it, to justify it, by basically making her look bad.


I thought that was very surprising. It’s very surprising because that’s going to be good for the Cosby camp regardless of how this plays out. That information that came out from the actual DA could be used down the road if the case continues on.


Jim Rosenfield: It boils down though to this supposed agreement not in writing. Does Castor’s testimony today help sort that out?


Enrique Latoison: It does. He said this was something that he did. It was something he did on a regular basis. He was the actual DA. He is not the assistant district attorney at the time. He’s the actual DA. If he had actually won the election that just took place, these charges wouldn’t even be here right now. This was a discretionary thing that was done amongst the new DA that came into office. But this was something he did. He explained why he did it. He explained he did this purposely so that the civil case can move forward. For that reason at the very least, I believe that the statements that were in the deposition should not be used against them.


Jacqueline London: A lot going on today and we look forward to hearing from you in about an hour from now with even more on this case that continues to develop. Enrique Latoison, thank you.


Enrique Latoison: You’re welcome.


Jim Rosenfield: And right now, we know today’s hearing in Norristown still underway. NBC 10’s Harry Hairston is inside that courtroom. He’s gathering the latest information for us. We expect court to wrap up for the day in the next couple of hours and you can count on NBC 10 for complete coverage as that happens.

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