How can I get my license restored?

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Following a license suspension period, your license does not automatically get restored by the PA Department of Transportation. Rather, you must undertake the responsibility of doing so. If you fail to take the necessary steps and drive with a suspended license, you risk being found guilty of a summary offense, and upon conviction and could be required to pay a fine of $200.

If you are caught while driving with a DUI related suspension, you face a mandatory minimum sentence of 60 days but not more than 90 days and a fine of $500.

In addition to the above, if Penn DOT’s records show that you were under suspension, recall or cancellation on the date of your violation, you face an additional one year license suspension. If Penn DOT’s records show that you were under revocation at the time of your violation, you face an additional two year license suspension.

Can I get a work license (bread and butter license)?

Work Licenses (Occupational Limited License)

As a Pennsylvania resident with a suspended license, you may be eligible for an (OLL) Occupational Limited License if you need to drive to work, to school or to medical treatment.

The basis for your license suspension will determine whether you are eligible for an OLL. First and second time DUI offenders may qualify for an OLL.

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