VIDEO: “Philadelphia Police Commissioner Responds to Woman Hit in the Face by Police Officer at Parade.

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Video transcript

“Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey says he is deeply troubled by video showing an officer punching a woman in the face. The viral video has the officer off the street on desk duty while an investigation unfolds.

Eyewitness News reporter Diana Rocco is live tonight in the SAT Center with more for us, Dianna…

Suzanne, this video has nearly a million hits on You Tube. Tonight the police commissioner is saying it doesn’t look good and he wants a quick investigation. Meanwhile, the woman in the video is saying she wants the charges dropped and an apology.

The video shows Philadelphia Police Lieutenant John Josey striking Aida Guzman and knocking her to the ground, after the Puerto Rican Day Parade, during a crowed disturbance, police say Guzman threw beer on them.

It’s a video that’s very troubling, uh, when you see it, it’s very clear and from what I saw, uh, difficult to justify the actions that took place.

Video obtained by Eye Witness News shows another angle moments before the encounter, Guzman can be seen spraying silly string in the direction of the officers, but they didn’t seem to notice until a liquid was thrown at them.

(Enrique Latoison) ‘This isn’t about silly string. This doesn’t say anything about silly string. This says beer being thrown on several police officers. These charged are improper she should never have been charged.’

Guzman isn’t calling for the lieutenant’s badge but she does want the charges dropped. The police union says the video shows the officer was justified. The individual threw an unknown object at police. With HAZMAT situations and everything like that today with in current society our officers don’t know what they are up against, we have had urine thrown on us.

Josey is a decorated veteran with nearly 20 years on the force he has had thirteen complaints against him. In that time, only one has been substantiated.

“We’ve had a string of very embarrassing things occur in this department. I think this is the sixth person, lieutenant or above, that has had some form of misconduct, um, alleged to have taken place, uh, uh, over the last just two months or so.”

“An Internal Affairs investigation now holds lieutenant’s fate. Guzman was charged with disorderly conduct. The police report states she threw beer on the officers, something she denies. Through her attorney she has agreed to speak to police and cooperate fully with their internal investigation.

In the SAT Center, I’m Dianna Rocco, News 3…”

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