VIDEO: “Philadelphia Mayor Apologizes to Mother of Four Punched in Face by Officer, Caught on Video”

Writen by: on October 11, 2012

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Video transcript

“Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter had a face-to-face meeting today with Aida Guzman, the woman punched in the face by a highway patrol officer.

Action News reporter Vernon Odom is live at Police Headquarters with that story tonight, Vernon…

Jim, the repercussions from that police punch of a woman that went viral on the Internet continue to play out on the public stage today and no doubt there are more chapters to come.

Less than a week after she faced charges of disorderly conduct, Aida Guzman walked in to the Philadelphia City Hall to be portrayed by the mayor as a victim. The DA has dropped the charges against her and will soon will be considering possible charges against the police Lieutenant who smashed her to the ground last Sunday during a community festival. Lieutenant Jonathan Josey has been suspended with intent to dismiss and the mayor formally apologized to the 39-year-old mother of four who lives in Chester during a twenty-minute closed door meeting.

(Mayor Michael Nutter) ‘This was about a person, this was about a human being who had been injured here in our city in a very graphic way and I wanted to take a moment, when the opportunity presented itself, to. just to talk to her.’

(Aida Guzman) ‘I feel so happy when the a mayor speak to me, real comfortable. I want to saying nothing m…Yeah, apologized to me and I feel good for that.’

Ms. Guzman’s lawyer says she’s satisfied with what he calls the mayors heartfelt apology on behalf of the city but he would not rule out a possible civil suit against the City of Philadelphia.

Even if Ms. Guzman met with Mayor Nutter, a small group of activists held a rally outside City Hall decrying police brutality and demanding Josey’s arrest.

This is unacceptable, violence against our people, routine violence is unacceptable.

This is video from last night. In it, you see lieutenant Josey in the pink shirt, a decorated 19-year police veteran leaving Internal Affairs after turning in his badge and service weapon. Jim, the FOP, has filed a legal fight to try to get lieutenant Josey reinstated and provide lawyers if he is criminally prosecuted by Philadelphia DA. If in the wake of the Josey embarrassment, Police Commissioner Chrales Dansey did hold a closed door meeting with all of his commanders this morning. Late today he refused to tell me what he said to them.

Live at Police Headquarters, Vernon Odam, Channel 6 Action News.

Thank you Vernon.

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