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And we are getting a better idea of what happened during the incident which was caught on tape.

The lawyer for the woman that was punched is now speaking out. Eyewitness news reporter Oren Lieberman continues our team coverage.

“The outrage has spread as fast as the video. Nearly 800,000 hits in 2 days. The Youtube video of a police lieutenant punching 39 year old Ida Guzman has gone viral, picked up by news networks across the country. Here in Chester, Guzman has retained Attorney Enrique Latoison.”

Enrique, “The initial adrenaline rush has warn off, now my client is actually dealing with um, you know, the injury she’s suffering, also the emotional, the emotional injury.”

A short clip of the original video, zoomed in on Guzman, shows her spraying silly string in the direction of police officers. None of the officers seem to notice and none of the silly string appears to hit Lieutenant Jonathan Jose. Yesterday, Guzman said she didn’t shoot any silly string.

(Speaking Spanish, Liebermann translating), “I am an older woman, I am 39 years old. I don’t have time to be playing around or throwing water, to be disrespecting any other person.”

But today her lawyer says she did shoot silly string into the air and did not aim it at any of the officers. He says they haven’t decided yet on pressing charges or filing suit.

Enrique, “She has not made a rush to judgment, the same kind of rush to judgment that was made against her. My client is actually deliberating on how we’re going to proceed from here.”

Latoison says he intends to fight the charge of disorderly conduct police gave her if it’s not dropped first.

Guzman and her attorney say they expect to speak to police soon about that internal affairs investigation. They will wait until that investigation is completed before they make any decision about pressing charges or filing suit.

Live from Germantown, Oren Lieberman, CBS 3 Eye Witness News.

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