Philadelphia, PA Police Officer Sucker Punched Woman, Kicked Off Force

Writen by: on October 13, 2012

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Video transcript

Suspended with intent to dismiss, that’s the future of Philadelphia Police Lieutenant Jonathan Josey. Now this video shows him, you’ve seen it, hitting a woman after festivities at the Puerto Rican Day Parade.

NBC 10’s Katy Zachry is live tonight at police headquarters with when the suspension will start, as well as, the other news that the victim got today, Katy…

Lieutenant Jonathan Josey will be suspended tomorrow for 30 days The Commissioner says at the end of that, he will likely be fired. Also today, the woman he is accused of hitting learned that she is no longer being charged…

(Aida Guzman) “Right now I feel happy because it was something good. But I feel a lot of pain.”

Despite a bloody lip, cut up elbows and bruised wrist…

(Enrique Latoison) “Her handcuffs were on so tight that she has a bruise.”

Aida is feeling okay now that she is no longer charged with disorderly conduct.

Guzman was slapped with that crime after she says she was hit by Philadelphia Police Lieutenant Jonathan Josey after the Puerto Rican Day Parade Sunday.
The video has gone viral; police claim she fired silly string at them during a traffic stop Wednesday afternoon that charge was dismissed. Not long after Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey announced his plan to fire 40 year old Josey after the Highway Patrol Lieutenant serves a 30 day suspension.

(Enrique Latoison) “She’s never asked for the lieutenant to be fired.”

We went looking for Josey at his home and tried reaching him over the phone. A police car was stationed outside his complex as of Wednesday night.

As for Guzman, she says she is looking for her name to be restored, restitution for medical bills and …

(Enrique Latoison) “We want an apology; we want an official apology, a public apology instead of an ‘no comment’ during this process.

And Guzman’s attorney says that they have a meeting tomorrow afternoon with internal affairs. It will be the first time that she has spoken to police.

Reporting outside police headquarters, Katy Zachry…NVC 10 News.

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